3150 Sunrise Avenue
Las Vegas, NV  89101


Our  attitude is to provide our clients with unmatched SERVICE built upon  TRUST and INTEGRITY and the willingness to go the extra mile always to  earn their loyalty and mutual respect.

Providing new product development and or expansion of existing product's  to meet our customer's design needs is one of our goals in the  formulation process.  We employ highly qualified staff to use  their expertise in offering rationales that explain why different  ingredients are included in a formula.  We insure our clients an  enjoyable journey that leads to a finished product and worthy of repeat  business.  Providing a fast service in getting to the sampling stage is  another goal we follow in the process.

As  part of our service, we provide assistance to full label review and  label copy to ensure accuracy and regulation compliance.  We utilize all  third party independent accredited laboratories for testing in addition  to the protocol testing we perform in-house.  We believe in providing  our clients confidentiality and understanding of their needs and offer  suggestions for the further growth of our mutual business.